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Most of our client have asked us these questions.

Hopefully they answer a question you may have.

What should I expect prior to starting my Hardscape (landscape) project? 

We work with you side by side!

1. Complementary initial meeting.

In this meeting we will discuss your Wishlist, budget, and share our recommendations.


2. Design

In 1-3 weeks, we will have your quote ready and a conceptual sketch of project (when applicable).

3. Contract

Once contract is approved by you, we move forward with signing & start date selection. 


4. Construction begins!

Are Designs free?

Yes and no.


If applicable to your project,

we will go over a conceptual project design with you. 

Images and file right are offered at a fee.

What is hardscaping?

Hardscapes refers to outdoor living instialltions that are non-living.

Such as: Paver patios, and wood gazebos, 


See our full list of services!

Do you Install designs created by a 3rd party?

We sure do!

How much experiance do you have?

Our owner and main Installer, Fernando, loves what he does. It has been his passion for the past 18 years.

How much does it cost to install a paver patio?

Several factors go into quoting a patio. Material, location, land conditions are some of the factors that will be reviewed to do so.


As a rule of thumb, the larger the area the lesser it is per square foot but, more in overall cost. 

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $19-$35 per sq ft. 

Do we offer Landscape maintainance?

We do offer large clean-ups.

However, we don't do routine yard maintenance. 

What is softscaping?

Softscape refers to outdoor living instillations that are "alive".

Such as:  flowers, plants, grass, soil, mulch, and flower beds.

See our full list of services!

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